I'm not a VW person. I totally accept that. There are people who live and die by them though and there is a healthy aftermarket scene just around those two letters. In his latest column VW Vortex's George Achorn (who looks a lot like Jeremy Piven, the world's greatest actor) posts about forum etiquette and the bizarre need for people to trash talk others. You see George is doing a modest project car on VW Vortex and it's his personal ride. I'm not sure how much money George makes but lets say most of us have many uses for our income and our cars are just one part of a larger pie. Stuff gets done when it can and when it's necessary. For the real people out there that aren't professionally tricking out their cars, why would you go all out just to have it stolen or ticketed? There's nothing wrong with stealth or forgoing big subwoofers. Cheers to George for his column and it makes us very appreciative of how cool our comments are, usually.

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