Another Update:  So maybe this wasn't Automobile Magazine. I took a few varying bits of information from the Internet and made an interesting case of connect the dots. So the folks at Wrecked Exotics posted these images and everyone has to admit the coincidence of these two exotics, in the same colors, being tested on twisty, wooded roads is a big one. But we have an actual source that says this is not from Automobile Magazine so we'll go with his word.

Now this brings up what I told Paul. I didn't just make-up anything. I clearly stated where I came up with my conclusions. It's almost like having a discussion with our readers until we found out at least one answer to the puzzle. Now isn't that more interesting than the actual read of the four exotic comparison?

Update: Paul Allen of Escort Radar says he was present during the entire test and this did not happen to an Automobile staffer/writer while he was present. So now we have to think of who the heck was joy riding these suckers? Also an astute reader pointed out the site was in Virginia in the article. So now we're wondering how did the same rides get in two locations? Best guess is Wrecked Exotics had the wrong state that started with V. The folliage and roads look very similar.

We were just searching our favorite exotic crash site called Wrecked Exotics and discovered these images of a crashed Ford GT. Now the interesting thing is the caption that says a journalist crashed this on a closed course in Vermont. Hmmm?that got us thinking. And our fanatical car mag reading habit kicked into gear with the image of a silver Lamborghini Murci?lago in one of the shots. This was the GT, Murci?lago, Prosche GT, Mercedes SLR McLaren showdown from Automobile Magazine a while back written by Jean Jennings. Now just because it was written by Jean doesn?t mean she crashed it. Three other writers, at least, were along for the comparison. Now the lore of automotive journalism is always who has the best crash story. These are passed along like badges of honor. That?s all fine and good but what is astonishing is there is no mention of the crash in the story. And in fact the writer/s lavish praise on the GT for how easy it is to drive. ?Lorio feels that the Ford is the easiest of our four to drive?As fast and strong as it is, the GT is also easy to drive and predictable at the limit?Push it into a turn, and it?s as near neutral as you?ll find in a road car.? Well that last part definitely needs some clarification now.Wrecked GT

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