In a tale of two companies there are lots of interesting numbers games going on. First GM seems to be doing well with strong sales of the Malibu and Impala (fleet sales?) and Chevy trucks. Cadillax was up slightly yet the story referes to Oldsmobile sales down 92.6 percent. That should have been expected. A 20.8 percent decline in Pontiac sales probably wasn't seen coming. The new G6 isn't packing them into the showroom we're guessing. Or folks just really miss the Grand Am. Hummer sales surprisingly rose, as did Saab.

Ford was a bit worse off with the Mustang holding up car sales that climbed to a 5.1 percent gain compared to last year. Trucks fell 9.9 percent though really impacting the bottom line at Ford. Mercury and Lincoln truck sales were actually up 10 percent. Land Rover and Volvo weathered slight dips while Jaguar sales fell drastically.

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