It's been a promise since we first heard about the Scion coupe called the tC. Factory installed supercharger. Hmmmm horsepower. Scion VP and auto wunderkind Jim Farley told the Automotive News to expect the bad boy version of the tC this spring. For the performance obsessed a factory installed supercharger has two major things going for it over an aftermarket one. First factory warrantee on the modification, yes. Second the extra $2,000 (we're guessing) gets split up over lots of payments. There is no doubt many many potential tC buyers have been holding off because word of the supercharger has been lingering. Expect sales to only rise on the popular coupe. Also expect the inevitable Cobalt SS, Scion tC (what do they call the supercharged version? tCx?) comparisons in every major magazine.

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