Often we're very calculated about what vehicle will be reviewed in the Autoblog Garage. At others we're more of the mind of what do you have that will get me through the snow the next seven days. In fact when we look at the calendar we'll be in SUVs or AWD vehicles for well into March. I was driving with my fiancée in the 2005 GMC Envoy XUV the other day and confided in her that not only was sludging through the snow getting me down but not getting my hands on a sports car for so long was depressing too.

The XUV though does come at an interesting time as talks point to it being discontinued due to poor sales. So I figured here?s my chance to weigh in on that call with some first hand knowledge of the vehicle in question. In 2004 only 12,390 folks ponied up the money, our tester tipped the scales just over $41,000, for this very large SUV with a retractable rear roof, swing down and to the side tailgate and cargo bed that can extend into the cabin.
XUV Gauges
Basically it is very similar to a covered bed version of the Chevy Avalanche. The gate between the bed and passenger area is solid and has a glass window partition so it feels a lot like a pick-up truck although one that makes your dog in the back seem like a limo passenger with the electric glass separation.

Over the next day or so we?ll go over how the thing opens and closes thoroughly. For today take a gander at this big boy and revolt in horror at those 1980s wheels. Ugh. Otherwise it?s a pretty safe looking vehicle that really wouldn?t offend anyone.

XUV Rear 250

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