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just posted about how the computer industry is starting to resemble the auto industry. We're not quite sure about that but the massive discounts on new PCs certainly has an air of car salesmanship. The post also says if this is the case than the iPod is the Camry to Apple being Toyota. Oh how wrong can they be there? Toyota is the monolith. The cold, unshakable giant that never fails. You can always count on it but you'll never have passion for it even if you're devoted to the brand for life because it makes terrific products. Toyota's don't generate any emotion at all while Apple owners for the most part are intensely devoted to their machines, iPod or otherwise. Volkswagen, even in its current sorry shape, has always held a similar customer base to Apple. We'd also say brands like Subaru, BMW, Mazda and Volvo also offer more of an Apple feel in our eyes. Until Apple sells more computers than everyone else that no one cares what it looks like they'll never be the Toyota of computers. And that's a good thing.

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