One Autoblog reader is adamantly stating we somehow misled people by posting to a story about Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and an extravagantly priced Lincoln Navigator that was leased by the city. At no point were we inaccurate in anything we said as we reference stories in the Detroit News. The story the reader wants us to use instead is clear-cut. It says the police department DID obtain the vehicle for the Mayor's family. We're not quite sure where the complaint is coming from in the least. Even worse the $25,000 two-year lease deal overstepped the one-year term that was approved according to documents referenced in our reader's recommended story. That makes the city and its taxpayers even worse off. Again we'll say for the Motor City to have this bad a grasp on lease deals is a sad story in itself. The article we linked to is more relevant than the reader's older story because now that the political flack is so bad the Mayor won't use the Navigator and the police department can't use it in undercover work after so much publicity. So the $25,000 really is going down the tubes now.

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