According to AutoWeek, Audi is messing with success with their new A4. Sorry, but what a dumb statement. If success was never tinkered with, we would still be driving Model T's. You've probably heard in your history classes, that it was a fairly successful automobile. But love it or hate it, the new look of Audi is bold, and at least it looks good from side profile and rear views. And the addition of 30 horsepower in the new turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, bringing it to 200hp, should help make sure those are the only views others have of the A4. AutoWeek raves about the new V6 motor, but heaps pretty lavish praise on the turbo four-cylinder. Not only were they impressed by the motors, overall they say the new A4 is a better car than its predecessor. Now that is messing with success.

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