The Detroit Free Press has an interesting round-up of one of this year's success stories, Scion. The piece focuses around Jim Farley, Scion VP and rising star among auto executives. Scion is looking back at a year with roughly 100,000 sales of just three models, the most mainstream was only on sale half the year. The story even points to a cool Scion fan site called Scion Life and alludes to the line's next model, perhaps called dL, as a sedan. The image here we found on an Asian Toyota site and the "Porte" is rumored to be a possible Scion model in the future. The sedan would certainly round out the line-up but also sounds a bit too conventional for Scion. The Porte definitely looks like a good candidate to replace the xA.

BTW: We searched for "scion dl" and found a series of short movies "On the D.L." on the official Scion site featuring ?uestlove of the Roots. Pretty cool even if it was made to sell cars.

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