The new 9-7X SUV and dealership renovations are just the beginning of what Saab hopes is a successful turnaround in 2005. It's a daunting task as even Saab's American CEO Debra Kelly-Ennis said "We are literally the David in an industry of Goliaths." True, as almost every other competitor has a larger line-up at similar prices. Other models joining the line-up are a 250-hp V6 version of the 9-3 sedan and a hatchback 9-3 to debut at Geneva in March. And in the fall we'll learn more about the Subaru Tribeca sourced Saab SUV. And on Valentine's Day Saab will launch a new advertising campaign that stresses "independent-minded buyers." Something tells us that even with all these moves Saab is not on solid footing for 2005 and they're still looking for the right slingshot.

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