Jerry Flint gives us a litany of sales figures to base his conclusion of 2004's successes and failures. It's a smart way to back up your opinions, you know, with facts. Often we spout off about one thing or another without the numbers even if they do support us. Oh back to Jerry, he sees the Chevy Impala becoming the top domestic passenger car in 2005. Well that's not hard since Ford is splitting the Taurus market with two distinctly separate sedans, the Fusion and Five Hundred. He also talks a lot about trucks and the fact that Ford really needs to do something with the Ranger of the Japanese will steal that market. A really surprising number is the one attached to the four new minivan/crossovers from GM. Together they sold only 6,279 vehicles in December 2004. That's not good. A new Saturn Relay just got dropped off in the Autoblog Garage so we'll let you know if the numbers reflect the quality.

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