It seems like everyone is in the business of creating Formula One style road cars these days. First it was MB Roadcars EOS project, and now comes word from Italy that the legendary Ferrari designer Mauro Forghieri is working on a project designing a road car. Forghieri is of course well known for his work with Ferrari, namely the 312 series of F1 racers, and the magnificent flat-12 engine. At 26 years of age, Forghieri was handed the reigns of Ferrari's F1 team, and under him came seven constructors' titles and four drivers' titles. After he was pushed out of Ferrari in the 1980's, Forghieri worked for Lamborghini Engineering, and later Bugatti Automobili as technical director, until he founded Oral Engineering in the mid-1990's. And what exactly have you done lately? If anyone can create an automobile worthy of the F1 road car moniker, it would be Mauro Forghieri (stylin' in this '70s era photo).

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