Many automobile manufacturers tout their F1-inspired transmissions, race-inspired handling and materials, and of course everyone's, uh, favorite, "zoom-zoom" marketing tagline, but really only Ferrari can say they have produced a vehicle in the mold of an F1 car (but I suppose McLaren-Mercedes could make an argument with the McLaren F1). Of course, that would be the Enzo, and while it is an exercise in bringing F1 technology to the road, it is still just an adaptation of F1 technology for road use. Well, MB Roadcars (no, not MercedesBenz), may be the first automobile company to bring a car as technologically rich as an F1 racer to the streets. MB Roadcars was setup by former F1 aerodnamicist Michael Blaize, and in working with several other F1 engineers, has brought a concept road car into existence named the EOS, or Exigence of Speed. Basically, the car will be built using the same technologies as a Formula One racer, and aims at similar performace. I would not want to live next door to the person who owns one of these (anyone who has ever personally heard an F1 engine at full song can appreciate that last comment).

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