VW Vortex

gets the scoop straight from the doctor's mouth. Dr. Pischetsrieder that is. During a press dinner (when journalists get taken to a nice meal and get to grill corporate execs about the future of their brand) Dr. Pischetsrieder told VW Vortex that the Concept R will be built as a roadster along the lines of the Miata (and the Pontiac Solstice, and the Saturn Sky) around 2500 lbs, soft top and rear wheel drive. The good doctor said the roadster will inject needed fun into the brand. Amen. And it will probably also spell the end of the new Beetle (my conjecture). And that's not a bad thing. To top off the evening VW Vortex got Pischetsrieder to say he'd like to see a R32 type treatment of the new Jetta and that the current R32 Golf sold 5,000 vehicles in the U.S. with very little fanfare. How many GTOs did Pontiac sell last year?

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