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DT: The CLS 500/55 AMG is just gorgeous. The new M Class looks just like a curvier version of the last. Both will sell like gangbusters so the absolutely boring presentation by Mercedes on Day 1 seemed like I lost weeks on my life. Excruciating. Mercedes just keeps on keeping on and hopefully the design of the CLS will breed more style across the brand, but I doubt it.
Grade: C-

WK: The taffy-pulled CLS doesn't stir me. The AMG performance does, but I'm not a fan of the four-door coupe looks. I would have hoped for a more interesting evolution of the M Class, but handling-wise it's got to be better than the truck it replaces. Mercedes impresses me with the amount of models and the "we're not afraid to sell two-door coupes" attitude.
Grade: C

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