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WK: I like the Zephyr. It could be a little flashier, but I don't believe that is Lincoln's intent. They aren't running with Cadillac, BMW or Mecrcedes anymore. They will be the front wheel drive American luxury company. But when I compare them to the other front wheel drive lux company (Acura) they seem a bit off. The Mark LT and the Chopper are just distractions on Lincoln's path to true rebuilding. I have a wait-and-see attitude with these guys.
Grade: B-


DT: The Zephyr is a looker. My photos don't do it justice. The interior looks unreal. With the Mazda 6 as its starting point I can only guess that it is a pleasing drive. Unfortunately with only this and a bloated Mark LT on display Lincoln has a long way to go before the brand can reclaim a name for itself outside of Ford Lincoln-Mercury.

Grade: C

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