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DT: For Volkswagen I'm going to assume that some people out there like the look of the new Jetta. If that's the case the show was extremely successful for VW. There were lots of new Jettas everywhere, every trim, color, powerplant you name it. The Beetle Ragster was also a funky little concept that at least had a nice color combo but didn't have that real over-the-top feel you want in a concept.
Grade: C+

WK: You used to know a Jetta when you saw one. Even non-car people knew it was a Jetta/VW product. This new Jetta has lost all the "Jetta-ness" that made the little car a styling success. The Ragster fixes the "I'm going to the Halloween party dressed as Abe Lincoln and never have to remove my hat when driving" roof-line. For trying to evolve the un-evolvable New Beetle, VW gets an extra point.
Grade: C

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