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DT: What can I say, yet another Japanese automaker that did very little to thrill the crowds. Where was the Supra or super-car we had heard so much about? Was that over at Lexus' stand? All we get is a new Avalon and a funky wagon concept? Even if it is that much better than the previous edition the Avalon does little to stir interest in the brand. None of this seems to matter when it comes to Toyota's bottom line though.
Grade: D-

WK: I really think that there is no way to stir up the Toyota brand. Even they admitted it with the creation of Scion. The Avalon is what it is, a big family appliance. They will sell many on the interior alone. Alas, many people don't care what their car looks like. Their numeric concept (pick a real name – I can name all the other concepts I saw this week, but not the Toyota FT-??) was the final nail in the tire, deflating any hopes I had to see a rejuvenated design as they had promised.
Grade: D

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