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DT: Another carmaker with guts. They too spent their entire show on one vehicle, the new SUV called B9 Tribeca (that I'm guessing will (should) be shortened to just Tribeca). It's funky, a bit weird even but it will gain fans. Wish they had bumped the H6's 250 hp up a tad. The interior was top-notch and shows much promise for Subaru when they finally revamp the Impreza.
Grade: B+

WK:  I think I'm looking forward to the Saab version of this platform, as the Saab face agrees with me more than the new-look Subaru. I give Scoobie a lot a points for taking the chance on the airplane quirkiness of the grills. Only real sales data can prove if this will make an inroad or be a risk gone bad. The interior looks very progressive and I'll take Dave's word on the materials used. The grade was slightly boosted just for risk taking.
Grade: B-

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