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DT: I wanted to do a separate post titled "Carmaker with the most ba…I mean guts" and put Mitsubishi's name in there for actually bringing to market the new Eclipse. It looks like nothing else and could be a savior for the company. Or it could be the biggest flop in history. I want to believe. For some reason the Mitsubishi interiors and latest offerings have been pretty good. Besides Mazda, no Japanese brand across the entire line are as fun to drive as Mitsubishis. Well…ok maybe Subaru, but they only have four models.
Grade: B-

WK: I can't hide my displeasure with the new Eclipse design. There is something ungainly about it. Things like the A-Pillar vent window looks like it was done "just because". Granted I haven't seen one in person like Dave here, but I can't imagine it changing my mind. The Raider didn't do it for me either. I'd stop at the Dodge dealer for a Dakota, at least I know they'll be around for a few more years. The only car I'd miss if Mitsu went bye-bye is the Evo.
Grade: D+

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