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DT: We're combining the two since Chrysler and Jeep only displayed a new concept each and no new production models. Jeep's Gladiator is ready for production if you ask me. I'd much rather see this Jeep truck than Honda's Ridgeline. It has the classic Jeep styling (that Hummer has ripped off) and promises that Jeep capability. Chrysler's Firepower is much more plausible than the M4-12 they showed last year, but for some reason the low grill turned me off. Plus didn't Ford beat them to the punch with the GR-1 (the first time)?
Grade: B/C-

WK:  Jeep – build it! I like the look. It's 100% Jeep and I think bringing a trucklet back to the Jeep dealers would be a hit. Call it a Scrambler if you like. Give the next Wrangler the same upgraded looks and interior and you got a great family of trucks. Chrysler on the other hand… I can't get used to the pinched rear-end that the Firepower shares with the Crossfire. I think I am one of the few that snicker each time I see a Crossfire 'cause it looks like it isn't done yet. I do applaud use of the Viper platform for a Chrysler super-performer and that the Hemi 6.1 lives under hood. I hope it too goes to production.
Grade: B/B-

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