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DT: Daimler Chrysler came very close to stealing the whole show with the whacky Hurricane concept that will never be built. But it also had a great display area with multiple levels, textures etc. And don't forget the novel intro of the new Dodge Charger. There were tons of Dodge specialty cars too, including the SRT-8 Magnum, this Dodge Daytona badged truck and others. It seems Dodge knows its NASCAR-dad buyers well. If Dodge had a concept of its own I would've gone with an A.
Grade: A-

WK: The main reason the Hurricane stole the show: It was one of the few concepts we hadn't been given a sneak peak at already (which is a different matter for another post). Dodge at least knows how to stir the pot, and the Charger, no matter what us two-door purist say, is a decent looking car and I'm sure will win more over in SRT 8 form. The Magnum SRT 8 is one of my favorites. Maybe the Viper coupe is what will liven up Viper sales, while that "hark back to '69" Daytona Ram is a bit much.
Grade: A

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