Back on New Year's Day two drivers from Illinois racked up $1400 in speeding tickets in one day. The story goes Piotr Pac drove 180 miles from a Chicago suburb to Wisconsin Dells to pick up his girlfriend who had a bad time at a New Year's party. So on the most patrolled day of the year how fast was Pac driving his 2004 Nissan Altima? Well his girlfriend got the fourth ticket clocked at 108 mph. The patrolman that stopped them said he rarely goes that fast even when pulling someone over. And while it all may seem funny I'm really shocked Pac has gotten to keep his license. He shows no remorse for the speed and the pair wasn't wearing seatbelts. In the past Pac has had to hire a lawyer to bail him out of similar trouble. He admits that he's on his father's insurance because he couldn't afford his premiums (fraud?). I think a judge should revoke Pac's license, although I have a feeling he'll wind up driving without one anyway. His first words about the experience "I'm famous." Great.

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