There have been some strong comments (not all confirmed unfortunately) about how misguided our F grade for the Honda Ridgeline was. Mark Phelan over at the Detroit Free Press wrote a column that says the trunk in a truck feature of the Ridgeline will sell the truck on its own, like stow and go seats in minivans. Tony Swan from Car And Driver agreed. Um…ok. Why will it do that exactly? Sure it's cool but think of it this way: I stood there looking down on this trunk. The truck bed comes almost up to my waist (actually in a lower, more precious area). That means I would have to lean over the large bumper (even with side-swinging tailgate) and dive into the sunken trunk to get anything I needed. So while it offers extra room it certainly doesn't offer a lot of comfortable use. I did find it easy to imagine filling the watertight compartment with ice and beer for tailgating. But even that practical use won't sell the Ridgeline all by itself. And the best part of Phelan's piece refutes you folks that think this is a great city vehicle. He points out even though it may be 15 inches shorter than a Chevy Avalanche it is only 1.3 inches shorter than a Toyota Tacoma and 0.9 inches longer than a Ford Explorer Sport Trac. The pricing he's guessing at is $25-$29,000 but with the navigation and leather options I'm thinking it will go higher.

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