Yesterday I explained how there were two kinds of concept cars. Ones that are almost ready for production like the Acura RDX and ones that are too whacky to every be built but offer a realistic technology/idea that isn't being used today. The Infiniti Kuraza concept was way out there alright, but it also had six doors total and the rear two swung out suicide style. The Mazda RX-8 and Saturn Ion proved you could make a car's chassis rigid and stable without the extra pillar between doors so this is possible. And if all the automakers are so concerned about hauling seven or eight people comfortably they might as well make it easy during the entry and exit. How often d you hear a friend grumble as they squeeze back to a rear seat in any SUV, minivan or even coupe. With this many doors all the griping would go away.

Kuraza 1

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