The Chrysler Group has had their first taste of real success since the "merger of equals" and likes the way it feels. CEO Dieter Zetsche assured the press that they will increase sales and share despite a predicted U.S. auto sales slowdown in 2005. When I really look what's on the plate for Chrysler this year they better pray that the 300 continues its sales numbers. Chrysler only plans to debut three all new platforms this year. The Charger, due out in spring, is already facing Mopar-philes push-back and seems out-done by the wagon sister, the Magnum. The Jeep Commander launches in the fall to a world that is down on big SUVs, but seems to embrace the over $45,000 brutes. And the Dodge Ram Mega Cab, due in the summer, will add even larger rear-doors to the already huge Ram truck. The SRT versions of the 300 and Magnum are not built to boost sales numbers, except if Chrysler hopes for the trickle-down effect; "I don't need 425 horse, but this lower model looks just as cool". My hopes are with you Chrysler. Any automaker that is building out-of–the-box designs with high-horsepower derivatives deservers the success. 

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