Not many seemed impressed by the show GM put on for the new Z06 and STS-V. Lots of build-up for not much payoff was the word out of a few mouths leaving the arena as I walked in to a throng of overly eager press folks. These must be the Corvette enthusiasts. And the Z06 is a heckuva 'Vette. There wasn't much to see except for the cars' interiors. The Z06 replaces the horribly ugly plastic steering wheel in the regular C6. This three-point wheel should be the standard across the line. I won't buy a new Corvette until that happens. Ok I'm not planning on buying one anyway, but other buyers should refuse on these same grounds.

Corvette Z06 Interior

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The STS-V looks just like the CTS-V met a STS. Big shock there. I can see why everyone was grumbling on the way out.

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