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It seems no one is giving love to the new Lincoln. For some reason I really like it, and the Ford Fusion. Again it is seeing these things for real that make or break my impressions. The Zephyr's front might be a bit over the top but I bet that will bring in folks that are attracted to the Chrysler 300C.

Lincoln Zephyr

Then you have the rear. To me, it is one of the nicer features of the car and I?m glad Lincoln is not doing the clear design on the lights that the Fusion has adopted. There is a  segmentation of lines running down on either side of the logo that doesn?t translate well in these pictures, but is actually a striking design element.

But like the Fusion the Zephyr will win people over with its interior. I wish I could get better pictures but with the windows up it?s hard. The tan leather looks of very high quality and the center dash is elegant and just plain cool. What?s wrong with me? I?m a 29-year-old guy that likes the newest Lincoln?

Lincoln Zephyr

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