As the clock passed 8 a.m. Dodge started one of the more impressive press conferences of the show. After a long list of sales figures that probably made other auto execs green with envy the company brought out the Dodge NASCAR race car. And while everyone knows the body is basically a shell, Dodge used that to their advantage and sent out a pit crew to remove the wheels, life the shell and reveal the production car underneath. Simple concept, and it worked.

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Then the company brought out Kasey Kahne, NASCAR Rookie of the Year, and racing legend Richard Petty to cement the fact that the company doesn?t want to lose out on NASCAR dads, the target market for this new sedan.

Dodge Charger

Thoughts on the car itself was that from what I could see it?s much more substantial looking under the show floor lights. I couldn?t get close at all as folks swarmed the stage. I?ll get more pics later.

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