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After all the hype from the concept, we finally get a look at the production vehicle. My major gripe is the wheel flares that gave the concept such a mean stance have been, as I predicted, dumbed-down. Overall, the design is very clean, the taillights appear very big (we'll let Dave tell us what he thinks when he sees it in person) and the interior is excellent. As the harbinger of the new Lincoln product renaissance, the Zephyr is a good start. Look to be a contender in the FWD luxury category; doesn't have all the personality of the TL, nor the bling of the ES330 but nestled right in the middle, which seems to be where Ford wants Lincoln to be. Click inside for more pictures and information.

Lincoln Zephyr Embargo 2

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2006 Lincoln Zephyr

2006 Lincoln Zephyr

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