Smart in Detroit

Arriving to Cobo Hall from the highway I traveled through a tunnel and came out the other side to be greated by a dizzying array of traffic. I was a tad disoriented, looking for signs of where to park and basically just in a haze from the drive. Then there was all this honking. What the f…

Then I saw them, barely. A line of Smart Fortwo?s and roadsters. I knew
immediately what they were and saw a bunch of folks on top of a nearby roof waving flags as they stood next to stationary Smarts. This is Mercedes big Smart push alright, despite the seeming discontinuation of their planned larger-for-America SUV.

In person the Smarts are just miniscule. The Fortwo looked like half a Kia rolling down the street while the Roadster resembled a skateboard with its height. I don?t care how fun these things might be to drive there?s no way I would feel comfortable driving one on a highway like the one I was on this morning. They?re cool looking and I?m sure economical too, but it?ll be a hard to sell these tiny, tiny cars to Americans.

David Thomas filing via-email and Walt?s editing magic.

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