I'll admit when I saw the FastLane Blog yesterday and that GM's Bob Lutz penning the posts I was skeptical. Skeptical that Lutz was even writing the thing and even more skeptical that we'd see timely posts. Maybe we'd see one every week, or if we were lucky, every other day. Checking back today Lutz is not only selling the new Saturn designs we posted about earlier, but he takes a commenter to task about the G6 interior. Even more mind-blowing are the words coming out of Lutz's keyboard: "The G-6 interior was work in progress. It "works" for most customers at the price point. But what you're seeing is only phase one in our assault on interior quality." And then "The road to excellence is always under construction, we're far from perfect, but improving fast. And … G-6 is selling extremely well.

I can't believe he says the G6 is a work in progress when it's supposed to be their cutting edge sports sedan. Wow. Although I mentioned the same sentiment while the G6 was in the Autoblog Garage, the G6 could use a few tweaks inside but is otherwise a pleasing ride, the fact that the Chairman of GM is saying it isn't perfect is refreshing. The last part of course makes me believe it definitely is Lutz writing these posts.  

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