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Tom Brown of Reuters tells of a dismal outlook for the Big Three this year right on the eve of their big coming out party in Detroit. Brown writes of all the financial troubles but also says "New models from the Big Three are unlikely to generate as much excitement as in previous years, however. To some, barring major surprises, it may even seem like the Motor City is running on empty." Everything I've seen and read has me believing most folks think this is the most adventurous slot of new vehicles in a while. This year's Detroit show certainly is one of the most hyped I can remember in recent years. While Brown's arguments about health care costs etc. might be valid, the new product comment I think is way off. Everyone here is on fire about the Saturn products and the Dodge Charger will sell well. I even have very high hopes for the Ford Fusion. No, there's no Mustang this year but there are lots of solid products that should attract attention from real car buyers.

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