Yes that's right, Bob Lutz is blogging on a new GM Blog called "FastLane Blog." Talk about a soft launch, GM's publicity staff didn't even send us this info, we found it on Steve Rubel's blog. Lutz takes bloggers to task with a subtle dig: "After years of reading and reacting to the automotive press, I finally get to put the shoe on the other foot. In the age of the Internet, anybody can be a 'journalist.'"

Thanks a lot Bob. We know you really love us because you list us under "Blogs We Like." Anyway, the first post talks about Saturn in a very salesman-ish way. I'm not quite sure if Lutz gets what blogging is about but maybe he'll grow into it and give us some of the real action behind the scenes. Doubtful, but we can hope. There are four comments already. Welcome to the blogosphere Mr. Lutz.

[Via Micro Persusion]

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