Instead of writing multiple posts rehashing tons of press release I figured I'd just lump a bunch of sales records into one post. Following on the heels of BMW's record setting pace, Mercedes Benz announced it too broke records. I'm not quite sure how but they did. And they did it with car sales too. Overall MB was up 4.1 percent on the strength of the new SLK and CLK classes. They even sold 45 SLRs and 244 Maybachs. Honda's sales were up three percent for the year. Most of the growth came from the Acura division though with the TSX and TL posting the largest gains. The big losers for Honda were not surprisingly the Element, Insight and S2000. And a really big surprise was the decrease in Accord sales by 3.1 percent. Is it's reign as sedate family sedan king over?

Subaru slipped by with an improvement on the year selling 187,402 cars in 2004 compared to 186,819 in 2003. Strong sales of the new Legacy offset poor performances by the Baja (down 32%!), Impreza and even Forester. Maybe that tells Subaru it?s time for some needed changes on the other half of their line-up.

These numbers are compiled from really boring press releases. If you want the actual number breakdowns let us know.

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