The big news about the all-new Mustang convertible has nothing to do with the good looks. We all knew it would be an attractive drop-top. But the interesting information has to do with the bottom line. Because the convertible and coupe were designed side-by-side the costs are pretty low. The V6 starts at $24,495 and the GT starts at $29,995. Otherwise there isn't much to talk about.

The press release says the joint design avoids the ?conversion? to a convertible that can add up to 300 pounds to the final weight of the drop-top. Yet the release doesn?t actually say how much the Mustang convertible weighs. The release stresses that almost everything is shared including the suspension. And the convertible should maintain more speed than the average competitor. Of course this is all press release talk. We?ll have to see for ourselves this spring when the car hits showrooms. Just in time for good weather. Click here for 1200x800 wallpaper.

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