The Dodge Magnum SRT-8, like the Chrysler 300C SRT-8, has a 425-horsepower 6.1-liter HEMI that should hit 60 mph in the low fives. Add all the "Dodge Magnum on steroids" body work and you get the specialized edition to debut in L.A. this week. By the way, the "steroids" line is straight from Dodge's press release. There's also a tightly tuned suspension that lowers the ride height a half-inch while adding large-diameter anti-sway bars. Brembo brakes are at all four wheels, featuring 360 x 32mm vented rotors up front, with 350 x 26mm vented rotors in the rear. Expect the price to be similar to the nearly $40,000 Chrysler SRT-8. Click on the images for the 1200x800 wallpaper and of course more are just a "click below" away. Oh and please let us know if you want wallpaper with future posts or not.

Magnum SRT8 3 Embargo
Magnum SRT8 4 Embargo Magnum SRT8 2 Embargo

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