So yesterday was pretty hectic for us. We had a few things to do. Like cover all the breaking auto show news. Some things slipped through the cracks. Like the announcement that Ford will start installing Sirius at the factory come summertime. The first vehicles to get the install treatment will be the F-150, Explorer, Lincoln Mark LT and Mercury Moutaineer. I think to round out definite Stern fans though you need to add the Mustang to the group. Thanks to Droxy and Engadget for helping us while we were snoozing. 

Also to follow the thread about commercials on XM and Sirius as discussed over at Engadget. The only time I hear them is when the system is carrying shows that are live on many formats like TV and regional radio. So when you?re tuned in to the Today show what else are they going to do with the down time?

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