To build on the Volkswagen incentive story we reported on yesterday, in which VW is trying out new sales incentives, aimed at licensed drivers in Illinois and Wisconsin, offering them a year of free car insurance with the purchase or lease of a 2004 or 2005 Golf, New Beetle, or New Beetle Convertible. The free insurance incentive is estimated to be worth anywhere from $1300 to $3000, and participants don't even need a clean driving record. Perhaps the best part, is buyers would still be eligible for low-interest financing through VW, and unlike low-interest or 0% financing, this incentive is not limited to those buyers who have good credit. According to VW, this incentive program is aimed at those who have 'grown bored' with conventional sales incentives. But what they really meant was that, this program is aimed at those who have grown bored with Volkswagen products. Which is pretty much so everyone if you take their recent sales figures into account.

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