There hasn't been a less hyped car in the automotive press than the Chevy Cobalt. This is really surprising because the Cobalt is a big deal in Chevy's revamped line-up and should do a great job replacing the Cavalier. Although as this review over at the Car Connection points out, almost anything would do a great job replacing the Cavalier. Here we're treated to a good run through on the SS coupe. I've still to read a review of the regular sedan or coupe though. I know I'd want to drive the SS too, but come on, no one's gotten their hands on a sedan yet? What gives? Anyway I was dismayed to learn the engine is almost identical to the Saturn Red Line's that I didn't fall in love with when it was in our garage. But the transmission comes from the Saab 9-3, that has a turbo rather than supercharged version of the same engine.

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