Put Subaru and the 1970's Bricklin car aside for a moment (a car I happen to like a lot) and think of the last time Malcolm Bricklin showered our shores with a car… Ah, yes, the all-loving fun to drive Yugo. Can't wait to get your hands on another uber-cheap, fall apart in your hands car that you throw away after two years? Then Mr. Bricklin has the deal for you. Chery Automotive Co. (yes the same Chinese automaker that we reported is in court with GM for stealing the Chevy Spark design and parts) has signed a deal with Bricklin's Visionary Vehicle LLC to start selling cars in the US as soon as 2007. I don't expect much from Bricklin, last time he was in the news he was bringing a new car to the States from the same group that built the Yugo called ZMW. These were reported to be assaulting Americans in 2003. Trust this story as far as you can throw a Yugo.

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