I guess all the work we've been doing here and the inescapable world of blogging is finally catching up with the mainstream media. Take a look at AutoWeek's blog about the 2005 North American International Auto Show. The Detroit show it seems will get the blog treatment not only by us but also by the guys at AutoWeek. However, I don't really see the current state of the blog, called Postcards from the Frozen North, as being much of an information hub come Jan. 9. So far I'm looking at two columns by Dale Jewett and Edward Lapham. Neither reads much like a blog entry and the only interesting parts are the fact that Dale says they get lots of insider info they'll release soon and that Edward has a typo (1995 instead of 2005). Why wouldn't an excellent news gathering and reporting publication like AutoWeek stick to tried and true articles instead of going the blog route? We don't mind competition but we already like AutoWeek the way it is.

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