To get in the holiday spirit someone asked me if I could get anything I wanted done in the auto industry what would it be. Such an open-ended question was not easy to answer. But I'll give it a shot by manufacturer:

  • GM: Stop making cars that could be really great but are always missing one key ingredient.

  • Ford: Stop making one cool car (Mustang) and then one dud (Five Hundred), cool car (Ford GT), dud (Fairlane Concept).

  • BMW: Are you done Bangle-fying everything yet?

  • Porsche: Please start dropping off your cars at the Autoblog Garage

  • Mercedes: How about updating all your vehicles as well as you did the new SLK and CLS.

  • VW: Stop playing luxury and come back to Earth

  • Audi: Actually there?s not much to wish for with you guys, how about an all-new TT though.

  • Acura: Another one doing a great job. Lets see a new MDX and 2-door CL in the same great fashion as the new TL and RL.

  • Scion: Bigger engines for your xA and xB

  • Subaru: More models and get started on the new Imprezza already

  • Toyota: Where?s that long awaited Supra?

  • Dodge: Just build a Charger coupe to shut up all the people so outraged over the sedan even though it?s shorter than the original 2-door Charger was.

  • Chrysler: Kill the PT Cruiser already and lets see what you can fill the Neon void with.

  • Mitsubishi: You seem to be on the right track with your vehicles, now how about some consumer confidence.

  • Lexus: Maybe it?s time for some new models? IS 300 first will do just fine.

  • ?and Mazda: No more Zoom-Zoom for 2005. (everyone saw that coming)
    Merry Christmas!

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