Automotive News ran a very light piece (is everyone off for Christmas already?) on how automakers use music in their television advertising. But the story didn't seem to make much sense to me. Sure it mentioned Led Zeppelin and Cadillac, Toby Keith and Ford trucks, Buick's use of Aerosemith, and Saab using Franz Ferdinand to shell the new 9-2X (a commercial I must've missed). The Mustang singing the Star Spangled Banner is probably the only cool one I liked. Left out were the Hummer "Happy Jack" commercial, one of my personal favorites. Nissan being way ahead of the hipness curve by using Modest Mouse for its Quest minivan was also omitted. And while they mentioned Celine Dion overshadowing Chrysler products and its failure they don't mention the success of Sting selling Jaguars. Hopefully I've filled in a few gaps. Either way songs don't sell cars usually but as a music critic I could probably find a few dozen excellent songs to serve as the proper backdrop to any car commercial. It shouldn't take a marketing degree to figure it out.

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