In a week when we have the MINI Cooper Convertible in the Autoblog Garage, I suppose it is only fitting that AutoWeek has gotten on the next-generation MINI Cooper spyshot bandwagon. Of course, it has to be with what has got to be the worst spyshot of a car I have seen in some time (if you can tell any details, please let me know). The MINI 2, as it seems to be dubbed, will be receiving a new 1.6-litre engine through a BMW/Peugeot partnership, which will see the base Cooper receive a major power boost, from 115-hp up to 143-hp, and the Cooper S will go from a supercharged 170-hp to a turbocharged 170-hp. It does appear however that BMW may decide to provide a second engine option for the base Cooper, using a 115-hp unit as a lower cost alternative to the 143-hp motor.

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