It seems like Automotive News actually tries to get some people with journalism backgrounds on staff. Their Asia Editor James B. Treece turns in a lengthy, and I mean lengthy, Q&A with Mazda's CEO Hisakazu Imaki. It is an enlightening read for a number of reasons. First we find out that the company is going to work on more concepts like the MX-Crossport shown here and an even larger SUV possibly. But the thing that gets me is that Imaki is clearly out of touch with American buyers and even asks the interviewer for advice in the Q&A. He also annoyingly says "zoom zoom" as part of the description of Mazda products. Like in a normal sentence: "And beyond the size, I want to emphasize that it is a zoom-zoom product." Here's how you get American buyers: Improve dealer experiences, which Imaki readily admits as a priority; drop zoom-zoom. It seems childish and as recognizable as it is it isn't recognizable as a cool brand. I think Mazda needs to wake up and realize Americans in 2005 don't relate to the quirky 1990s zoom-zoom which was related to the Miata when they want a sporty compact sedan, sport sedan or sports car.

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