In a new column on the new "sport wagon" from Chevrolet, Forbes contributor Dan Lienert slams the design of the vehicle and predicts abysmal sales. Well that's a fine how do you do. Dan's main premise is that the similarly styled SSR pickup was such a huge failure that the HHR will probably meet the same fate. He states this clearly at the top of the column. Then he backs up his theory and finally says at the end that because of the HHR's price it might sell better than the SSR. What? Dude I feel like I just wasted my time. I was looking for insight and got none. The images I've seen of the HHR are almost identical to this sketch here. And while it isn't really my cup of tea I bet a ton of Matrix, Vibe, PT Cruiser shoppers will seriously consider the HHR as a replacement vehicle because it is built on an entirely new platform derived from the Cobalt. The SSR could draw buyers from where? Owners of a 1940s Chevy Truck or hot rod? And spend the same amount as a brand new Corvette? I don't think so. But maybe if the HHR drives well and is the same price as the competition it could be a success for Chevy.

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