This round wasn't as easy as everyone thinks. Obviously the Mustang GT made it through just fine. Then I decided to throw the price factor out the window because that didn't make sense and the CTS-V came in easily at #2. All that power, leather and suede seats, killer brakes…hmmm V. So it came down to the Scion tC and the new Acura RSX Type-S.

The two had a number of pluses and minuses. The RSX was a bit of an aging design but still had plenty of contemporary lines and the interior was much more sophisticated than the tC. It was also a bit faster but the handling wasn?t as tight in the corners as the tC nor did it have the coolness factor around the new brand?s coupe. But since I threw the price factor out the window with the CTS-V I?ll do it again and pick the RSX Type-S.

It just felt more substantial, was definitely quieter on the highway, didn?t have the few annoying rattles that the less expensive tC did. And as a buyer I think I would be happier with the RSX.

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