One of my favorite television shows is Arrested Development. The quizzical "Really?" from Jason Bateman's character Michael Bluth at the goofball statements his family makes just gets me. So the headline really needs to be taken in that context. "Cars over SUVs? Really?" The Chicago Tribune takes on the notion that the car could possibly compete with still popular SUVs and trucks in the American consciousness. This article has a lot of numbers and predictions to get through but the interesting ones are large truck based SUVs are seeing sales dip, while the car based ones like the Ford Freestyle and Toyota Highlander are doing well. All in all SUV sales are up three percent while car sales are off two percent. While many see crossovers (counting towards truck/SUV numbers) as being the big trend of 2005 there are a number of new car models that could revive the format. Of course Michael Bluth drives the company's airplane stairway truck, which I guess is technically counted towards truck sales, I still think he'd prefer a more practical station wagon.

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