As many of you folks are aware there are a number of Autoblog sponsored RSS readers that you can find at the top right of this page. They are terrific ways to keep on top of the latest Autoblog posts as fast as we finish them. In my search for always better ways to surf the net I also rely on Firefox. Now I'm sure tons of folks out there know about this popular open source web browser but if you haven't downloaded it you're missing out. Mainly it's got all the stuff an Internet Explorer has but it also can put some of the abilities of a RSS reader into the bookmark tab of the browser. That means I can check what's going on a few other places while searching for all the good stuff that goes on Autoblog. Our network has The Open Source Weblog that has been following Firefox's fortunes including a two-page ad that ran in the New York Times that was financed by donations! That's how crazy people are for this free browser. I love it. Plus you can do Google, Yahoo or even eBay searches in the browser bar while never leaving your favorite website, like Autoblog. Obviously I'm not endorsing Firefox for any compensation since it is all open source, I just really like the product and felt like sharing. Now back to cars.

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